About Me

Planetary scientist and ally, Scot, astrophotographer, drummer, co-owner of GeologyCat

Hamish Hay, MSc

I'm a Graduate Research Associate at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, researching oceanic tides of the outer solar system's icy moons and beyond. Working with my advisor, Isamu Matsuyama, I have developed a shallow water geophysical fluid dynamics model to simulate tidal flow in ice-free and ice-covered oceans. My model, Ocean Dissipation in Icy Satellites (ODIS), has been applied to icy worlds like Enceladus, Titan, and Europa, to investigate how and where ocean tides dissipate heat in these bodies. I want to understand how tidal dissipation impacts the evolution of these bodies, and what this can tell us about the current state of their interiors. I also enjoy the application and development of numerical methods to solve physical systems, such as ocean tidal dynamics. I employ theoretical studies to advance our understanding of the global-scale physics controlling the behaviour and evolution of planetary bodies.

Current status: Writing my PhD thesis in anticipation of defending in December 2019. Looking for postdoctoral positions.

Outside of science you can find me hiking, looking at rocks, photographing the night sky, biking, drumming to progressive metal, writing music, and petting GeologyCat.